New Versions of all current Products

Finished 2022 with new versions of all the current Products:

AsciiDoc Project NBM (2.1.1) - now handles AsciiDoc documents which are part of the AsciiDoc Project or standalone. Save Before Publishing options are implemented. Uses the latest Actions Support Library.

JBake Project NBM (1.5.1) - Uses the latest Actions Support Library.

PostgreSQL Project NBM (1.0.3) - A new Project NBM which integrates with PSQL, being able to manage and execute PLpgSQL and PqSQL from within the NetBeans IDE. Save Before Execution options are implemented. Uses the latest Actions Support Library.

Actions Support NBM Library (2.1.1) - The external Process implementation has been completely rewritten to use the NB Execution API, providing greater stability. Support for Save Before Action implemented.

Full details can be found in the latest documentation which can be found on this website.

12 December 2022

Retired Products

My decision to use AsciiDoc and JBake to publish this website has resulted in a review to needs to support the existing array of products which have been documented on this site.

Extexp, which is a publishing toolchain, is now redundant and so will be Retired immediately.

All current documentation associated with Retired Products will remain on this website but will be found in a new Retired Products section. Sources for the products will remain on GitHub, but will be set to Archived status (read only).

Publishing Tools

Following my decision to use AsciiDoc and JBake to publish this website and other documents, I have started to develop tools to support these processes.

To enable my IDE of choice (NetBeans), these will be in the form of NetBeans plug-ins. These plugins will initially provide basic support for JBake and AsciiDoc projects. Integration of the respective toolchains will be a high priority for early development.

Watch out for future posts on this subject and the documentation associated with these NetBeans plugins.

Product: AsciiDoc JBake
28 July 2022

Extexp version 1.1 released

Extexp has been updated and a new version (1.1) has been released. The NBM is available for download from GitHub.

This release includes a new control command "ForList", a loop construct which runs a command once for each element in a list. The actual element value is presented via a special parameter "__ELEMENT__". The element list is a string using the '|' character as the element delimiter.

Examples of syntax:

        "ForList": "${pageorder}",
        "do": {
            "page": "${__ELEMENT__}"
        "ForList": "apple|lemon|pear",
        "do": {
            "Do": "message",
            "text": "the fruit is ${__ELEMENT__}"
Product: Extexp
15 November 2021

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