NetBeans Platform Code Generator

Creating a project and running the code generator

A normal NetBeans module project should be created (both Maven and ANT build system projects are supported). This project is then customised so that the code generator can be add code to the project.

Customising a Maven project

nbpcg folder and script

Customising an ANT project

Executing the NBPCG script

The NBPCG script can be executed by actions on the popup menu on:

1) The Project node

project node action

2) The NBPCG script file

script action

Executing the script will open a new tab in the output window. Progress and errors will be reported in that tab.

output tab

Dependency Information for NBPCG generated Modules

NBPCG does not currently setup dependencies for the generated modules (either on NBPCG support libraries or Netbean Platform modules). The following documentation details the dependencies that exist and should be added to the various generated modules.

: Datamodel : NodeModel : NodeViewer : NodeEditor        
NetBeans Platform        
Explorer & Property Sheet API   x x  
Lookup API x   x x
Nodes API   x x x
UI Utilities API : x x  
Utilities API   x x x
Window System API : x x  
MySQL *: :    
NBPCG Data Support Lib x x x x
NBPCG Form Support Lib :   x  
NBPCG Node Support Lib   x x x
NBPCG Support Lib x x x x
NBPCG TopComponent Support Lib : x x  
XX DataModel   x x x
XX NodeModel : x x  
XX NodeEditor   x :  
If you are using table aliases to access other tables then you will need to add addition dependencies to those modules        
XX DataModel x x x x