NetBeans Platform Code Generator

Installation Notes

Current release: v5.0.1

Minimum Environment: Netbeans 8.2 and Java 8

The recommended installation process is obtain the Plugin using an additional Update Centre. This must be defined in your IDE, but is needed to be done only once as all IDE plugins developed by the The-Retired-Programmer programme will be distributed via this single Uodate Centre.

To add the Update Centre to the IDE, click on the Plugins entry in the Tool Menu to display the Plugins Dialog.

Plugin Menu

Select the Setting tab, to display the current list of Update Centres.

Plugin Dialog - Settings Tab

Assuming that the additional Update Centre has not already been defined, press the Add button and enter the two required fields (Name and URL). Once correctly entered, press OK to complete this operation.

Add Update Centre

Now select the “Available Plugins” tab. You should now find a list of all available plugins, including a set of The-Retired-Programmer plugins.

If you can’t find any entries you could press the “Check for Newest” button to refresh this list, after which the new entries should be visible.

Select one or more plugins and then press the Install button. This will install the plugins into your IDE.

Plugin Dialog - Available Tab

During this process a warning is raised indicating that the plugin(s) are not signed and so may be a risk. By pressing the Continue putton the installation wil continue.

To confirm this has occurred you can switch to the Installed tab and view the installed plugins. Note you will have to tick the box labelled “Show detail” on this tab in order to list all plugins.

Plugin Dialog - Installed Tab

Alternatively the plugin can be downloaded directly from Maven Central. The current release is v5.0.1, which can be downloaded from Maven Central.

The nbm file can be placed anywhere in the filesystem on your machine, and loaded manually into the IDE using the Plugin Dialog.