Extendable Text Processor (Extexp)

An Extexp Project

Creating an Extexp project

Any Extexp project has the following minimum content within the project directory:

When processing the build file, an output directory will be created in the project directory into which all output will collect. A cache directory at the same level may be created to hold any necessary intermediate values created during the build process.

Creating the Extexp Build file

The build file is a Json formatted file which contains one or more command sequences. There must be one sequence named MAIN which is the top-level sequence, other named sequences can be defined which can be called as required.

More details and examples the build file content can be found here.

Executing the Build file

The pop-up menu at the project level and at the build file level have commands to execute the build file.

project level commands  build file level commands

Both have the following commands:

The build file also had one additional feature which is “Open Visual Editor” which is an experimental feature which displays the command sequences in a visual format. Thus providing visual feedback of the build file structure.