Extendable Text Processor (Extexp)

The Structure of the Build file

The Command sequences are named JSON arrays. The first sequence is named MAIN (must always be defined in every build file). Additional sequences can be defined with other names, which can be called when required.

A sequence is a series of JSON objects, which describe the commands to be sequentially undertaken.

These Commands can be Controls or Executors. Controls manage the flow of control through sequences, while Executors are the commands which process textual objects, transforming them in someway.

The command format is:

        "<key>": "<value>";     (repeat as necessary}

The value can be a:

All these forms of a value can include parameter substitution using ${<key>}, which is replaced with the value of the parameter. Substitutions can be embedded within text, and multiple substitutions are allowed. The substitution process is recursive so allowing complex generation of values (filenames or text).

Details of Controls (syntax and examples) can be found here.

Details of Executors (syntax and examples) can be found here.